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Extra Life Gamers fight the #ChangeKidsHealth on Game Day

On November 2, 2019, Extra Life gamers from around West Virginia participated in Game Day to #ChangeKidsHealth.

As Game Day approached, we reached out to our gamers to see what they had planned all over the state, and the responses humbled us here at WVU Medicine Children’s. We not only had gamers participate, but families of gamers supporting from the sidelines.

Guild members streamed for upwards of 25 hours on Game Day, participated in table top games and more!

Many gamers thanked us for allowing them to use their love for gaming to help those that need it, but we thank YOU! Without your passion for gaming to help sick kids, we couldn’t accomplish all that we do. We love you and your willingness to give back to the kids at WVU Medicine Children’s!

Thank you to all of the Extra Life members out there that support their local CMN Hospital! #ForTheKids