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Just “POPPIN'” in to say no one is “BUTTER” than Walmart & Sam’s Clubs!

As we started our journey to visit all of our wonderful Walmart and Sam’s Club locations, we thought our people may need a pop-corny pick-me-up as week 2 of the campaign was in full swing! 😉  At every location, we met with our store champion and gave them the bag of popcorn pictures below and a some ASK pins for the associates they feel are doing an exceptional job at asking for donations.

To our delight, we were greeted with beautiful signage, hand made posters, and associates reasons “why” in every store location.

We love to make our Walmart and Sam’s Club associates feel appreciated and motivated. After all, no one is “butter” than them for choosing to fundraise for WVU Medicine Children’s every year! Our hearts are so warm knowing how much Walmart and Sam’s Club’s love giving back to our amazing hospital!