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National Orange Chicken Day – Are you appreciating your Panda Express locations?

July 15 is National Orange Chicken Day. Can you think of a better way to recognize and support our local Panda Express locations for fundraising for your local CMN hospital? The staff here at WVU Medicine Children’s certainly cannot think of a better way!

Panda Express is one of the fastest growing partners for CMN Hospitals. This is because, not only do they ask their customers to give back, they look internally by asking their associates to also give back. Panda Express is forming a cause connection within their company and that is why they grew by more than $6 million (a 40% increase) over 2017 fundraising! WOW!

It is no secret that #PandaCares. Panda Express associates ask customers every single day to donate at the register to help kids in YOUR local community, so head on out and visit your local Panda Express today for lunch or dinner to grab some yummy orange chicken and give back to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital! I know the staff here at WVU Medicine Children’s will be enjoying some orange chicken at our local Morgantown Panda Express!


Thank you, Panda Express for all that you do!