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Ziler Helps Members Choice WV Federal Credit Union Reach Their Miracle Jeans Day Goal!

Yesterday (September 11, 2019), Members Choice Federal Credit Union had a visit from one of their favorite members, Ms. Ziler Hawkins. Ziler also happens to be WVU Medicine Children’s 2019 Champion Child! What a great coincidence!

Ziler loves to go to Member’s Choice, make a deposit and see some of her favorite credit union employees. Yesterday, of course, was no exception. However, Members Choice made yesterday a little more special for Ziler, as she got to join Members Choice employees in their live Facebook feed, interview with local news and radio stations, receive a gift basket and best of all…. meet Santa!

Do you want to support Members Choice in their goal to raise $1,000 for kids like Ziler at WVU Medicine Children’s? You can donate at the link below until December 20, 2019! #ZilerStrong #WVUMedicineChildrens


We thank you, Members Choice, for all your hard work and for making Ziler feel like the champion she is! For The Kids!